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with love

chapter one : how it starts

I felt in love for the second time. I've met her in a place where the party was on mostly every second; the first time I've saw her I've told to myself that she had to be mine at least for that night. in my opinion I'm a shy person when it's about girls, so I never tried to do much. I was looking at her every time that she couldn't notice, and after a while I've said to myself just go and ask for a kiss. what else can happen? maybe you'll get it said the optimistic part of me. I got rejected of course by a reason that should have been oviost, she had a bf. The night was almost over and because of a picture I took I've got her attention. I've got as well the kiss I wanted and then she was just gone. I can't remember when I've talked to her again, but my memories takes me to the second moment i had an important sign for her. I was a simple one, she was coming back to Amsterdam with some friends and asked me to hook them up with an entrance to one of the clubs my party was corporating with. I was more then happy to help her but didn't understood why she didn't want to come in my crawl. I've let it like this and didn't get any sign from her till late in the night. I was at this ultimate indie party and already a bit dizzy. when I got her MSG I was sitting upstairs smoking a cigar near the window. I've saw her straight away and direct her to the entrance. i went down to put them inside and there everything started. she was wearing a very hot top, black, and u could almost saw her tits. I was incredible attracted to her but tried to be cool; around other 6 guys it was kinda wired to approach her but after we dance and the party was one our connection was on. we end up to the place I was sleeping pretty drunk but I had a gr8 feeling inside; I didn't know then that all this will gonna lead me on the path of true love but I can say now that it was one of the best things that happen to me in the last 5 years; after she left we started to talk more and as well to realize how wonderful and amazing we make each other feel. we spent another 7 day together in April and then I know for sure that she is my girl; we planed things and made them happen and soon we will start a new life together. a life that in my hopes it last forever an ever. I love her and miss her every second.

chapter two : together again

I got up early that day just to get myself ready for my first real date with the girl that turned my world up side down in the sweetest way possible. I got to the office earlier and found my colleague waiting in front of the door. Seemed like the office was closed so I decided to run to the flower market. I wanted to get the most beautiful flower for her. It was strange that I wasn't happy with how beautiful they were, because they had to be as beautiful as her. In the end I pick up these white roses and went back to work. It was already two and I decided to go to the Central station to take a train and head to the airport. I didn't know how I felt. It was all to intense and in a way so unreal. I had all the time the impression that I was living in story in a dream. I got there on time and managed to get to the right meeting point for the arrivals. As the door started to open my heart was beating so fast, my head got filled with all these small fears. It was too much for me. I couldn't control the emotion. After minutes with a high state of emotions the gate opened again and I could finally meet her eyes in real life. She was like an angel between normal people. She was glowing. Her beauty amazed me and I had never before felt like I felt when we were holding each other so strong in our arms. We sat on a bench in front of the airport and just enjoyed the wonderful feeling of love. The way her eyes talks to me; the way her smile brings happiness in my heart just makes me more sure that I've found the girl of my dreams. We had a wonderful time together and all I could say was thank you to God for bringing her into my life. Now I can't imagine a life without her love. I don't want to wake up unless her eyes will watch me; I don't want to live unless her heart beats for me as mine does for her. I am in love and I'm ready to fight for the wonderful, dreamy future with the girl of my dreams.

chapter three : summer days

it was a pretty early morning for me. as I hear the siren of the ferry I open my eyes and stand my head up. jump of the bed and went to the mirror. a pretty sleepy face shows up but everything change after a splash of water. it was like a dirty window who is cleaned by rain drops. the image went clear and now could see the morning orange sun rising in the sea horizons. went on the deck to enjoy my beilys frappé and my cheep drum cigarette. the taste of the smoke has horrible and decide not to smoke that bullshit.
in the half ring of the sun I could had seen a ferry losing in the beautiful reflection of the sun. my mind went only on the day I woke up as early like this one when I took the ferry to see my high, my love, my energy, my everything!
it was a long trip, around 7 hours and another 3 waiting in the harbor s kids park. I remember the heat was kinda putting me down that's why I decided to chill with a orange juice at the shadow of the monument. a beautiful statue representing a sea woman. the time came and she had suppose to be here already. took out my 18 200 mm and zoomed the begging of the street to search her. at a point a see a girl dressed in blue and white, typical sailors colors. she was holding a small billboard in her right arm and the cool wind was blowing her curly hear in the back. her look was searching for me but I've decided to let her keep on searching.
I coulnd help it anymore and made her a sign that I was just there. she let her board down and run to me. her first hug after so long days just filled me with the stronger emotions o love and caring. we didn't kiss right away, and when we did it felt like the softest roses are touching my lips. we walked threw the harbor and went on a street with lots of touristic shops, rent car agency and some small tavernas. the weather was really hot, but the butterflys that run into my body was making it almost insupportable. after couples of minutes walking in witch we hold our hands and kisses mostly all the time we finally arrived in the studio that she will spend her summer nights. the first thing was to take a shower but the attraction btw us pushed us straight to bed. she laid down and I "jumped" over her kissing her with a passion and intensity that was new for my mind and body; we took fast our clothes of and had an amazing sex;
it all happen pretty fast but the desire and the waiting was so strong that made us come in the same time! the feeling was unbelievable and it took us couples of minutes to come "back on earth" we entered the shower and enjoyed the refreshing water, of course we didn't manage to handle our feelings and start again to kiss and touch. the desire of making her come was overtook en me again and I ve turned her with the face against the shower and went inside her again, the sex was like a rainy day in the desert, can t compare it with other experience I ever had...
after, we set down naked in the bed and she was holding her head and a hand on my chest;
When I've opened my eyes and saw her laying like this I know that the girl of my dreams and that I will do whatever it takes to keep her mine for as long ...
the story doesn't end here, we had a perfect time and a next day full of fun combine with love and romanticism;
I miss her so much!

chapter four : strange feelings

i find myself sitting on this bench looking at this psychedelic reflections of the sun on the harbors water; travelers and holidays makers passing from time to time. the sun is honing the end of the day transforming the little clouds into some beautiful colorful abstract lines.
lots of toughs are rushing into my mind and my questions aren't yet answered. I end up again on this island with the idea of reaching the world biggest wish that exist: true love! the location supposed to bring more peace and calm to my heart knowing that my loved is more close to me. the days pass hard and the feeling of missing grows once with my love for her. sometimes the daily problems and the stress of the island combine with this waiting of passing the time brings me in a state of depression and anger. but I remember again that when you fallow your heart it always takes you there where the pure life is, and this for me is in her arms. as well some stories of other travelers remind me that on the path to pure love you will always find difficulties and moments in which the universe will test your straight and your will.
my love for her and the wish to prove my words that come only from my heart will always make me succeed in the obstacles that come on my way to the place I wanna be for as long this love will burn into our hearts.
we have to give the time and work for this to transform from feelings and thoughts to life, because we are the only living creatures that can accomplish this. and we should never forget that in every one of us there is the power to for fill the ultimate creation that the universe let us : transforming feelings into life!

chapter five : the end

you know : "i'm a flirty person, i need a break, i want to go out and flirt with boys, i want to be free"
this is my end or the begging of losing all this feelings that you already read.

by alexh (c) with love !

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