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the story of a guy, ep 3

the rest of the day had passed very fast. they stayed hours kissing and talking about them selfs. as the sun went down and the night was falling they walked back home. the next morning other classes at the university for him but this time she walk him only till the metro station.

-i will let you go now, she said. i will have some things to take care of today as well. here's my number, call me after you finish.
-will do that! good luck with your things.

in the class he has active, you could had see that he has happy because all around him this amazing energy was glowing. at the end his buddies ask him to join them to a pool game at the After dark. a place where they used to hang out normally after courses.

-let me give a call to see what she.s doing and i will be right back to you guys.

he dialed the number but at the end of the line was not her voice. the message machine answered "please leave a msg after the bip"

-hei, seems like your not in a good zone, give me a sign on this number when u get this.

alright guys lets hit the place. they went down in the metro and went up in the center where the place was. after couple of games and couple of drinks one by one the guys were leaving the place.
she didnt call or give a sign yet so he decided to call again. once again the same other voice at the end of the call.
"maybe her phone is dead" or "maybe shes doing her things and she will call back"

the rest of the day he went shopping food and went back home where we cooked dinner. his friend was just entered the door.

-uhuuu, smelling good in here. what we had tonight?
-hei, welcome home, i just finished this vegetarian food but i can add some chicken for you if u like.
-no, go ahead lets eat cuz i didnt had a launch break at work today and dont want to wait another minut.

they put the food on plates and went in the living , sat on the couch and eat. on tv there was Border Police, a show they watched mostly every week.

-so how's a going with her? she is a hotty, you should deff keep her close.
-well , i kinda like her a lot, yesterday we kissed and had a really nice day. in the morning she give me this number and she said she has to fix some things and that i should call her after my classes, but her phone its turned off.
-well dont worry, and dont call her 100 times. leave her a message and she will get back , i think she likes you at hell.
-she better does dude cuz this is the last thing i can take now another failure with a chick.
-you need to have a better game man, you are kinda easy falling and the chicks dont dig that.
-wooow, my game is good, i play fair , im honest and open , and i give them respect, like its a normal thing to be. i got my hummor ...
-you see, chicks dont need this, because this is easy, and whats easy its not interesting.
-i dont wanna agree on this here. a future relationship its build on honesty and true feelings.
-yeah and true relationships dont happen every day. remember the last one? end up growing hair on your face because of what damage she did with your heart. and why? because you give your self to quick.

he didnt want to talk more and in the room was a little bit of silence.they looked at each other and then his flat mate said :

-give her time, she.ll call back! im going to have a shower and buy some condoms got this chick i met in the metro today and had a connexion, let my number and she txt me that she wants to see a movie tonight, at my place ! look

it was true the msg was exactly " how about we see a movie to you place tonight and know each other better" . how does he do it , his mind was asking him self. after almost three quarters of hour he goes down and comes back with a nice blond girl, with big eyes. the lips were covered with a light pink making that smile very attractive. she was wearing a white tshirt that read "today is a gift" and some back molded pants with green snickers.

-hi!you must be the flat mate, it is nice to meet you.
-and i love your tshirt, welcome in !

they sat down in the living drinking a bear and talking about partys and drugs, festival , movies and all this things that were basically normal discussions between youth people.

-by the way guys, do you smoke weed?
-yeah, sure we do, once in a while, he had replied just for not looking that lame and boring as he was thinking about himself but he had never tried it before.
-well thats good because i just got this nice split * a split its a joint , people who smoked knows8 * from my bodies.
-yeah lets rock and roll that split... by the way whats a split??????

the other two started to laugh and lighted up the joint. puff after puff they got high and our hero here started to be really dizzy. he let his phone in the chicken and totally forgot about the call he was waiting for.
the joint , the beers and the hotness of that girl was making him be really outgoing and after they started to talk about sex suddenly he asked:

-had you ever had a three way young lady?
-i never did she said... and fall on her thoughts.

no one had said nothing for couple of second that seems long enough for him to started to feel stupid.

-well i think i should go to sleep he said.
-maybe you should stay , she said.

at the moment the guys were looking to each other eyes and in a telepathic way they communicate.
"do you thing what im thinking?"
"yes, she wants it"
"should we try doing it, what if she.s just nice with the room mate?"
"i dont care that much man, im high and drunk and if she doesnt go for it and she doesnt want me anymore for me was a fun night already, and i can get a new one tomorrow anyway"

-then i will stay , he said.

the next thing that happen was that she put her hands on each one of their legs and started to move it close to their dicks. after this they started to kiss and touch her round medium tits. when ... the door bell ringed ...
wow, who could be at this hour they asked them selfs without even having a clue.

-i should get that , he said, dont let the flame out i.ll be back in a second.

as he opened the door she was standing there with a Kinder Egg in her hand.

-Sorry for today ... this is for you.

He took the egg and just stared stoned at her...

-well? ... can i come in?
-oh yeah, sure, come in ...

to be continued

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