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the story of a guy

this story its about a guy. a guy that was not happy with who he was. a guy that thought his family it.s falling apart but the only thing that happen was that he was growing apart them. he was in the early 20s when he decided that is time to find a new place, a inner peace, a better life, better friends, a girlfriend.
he didnt know nothing about the outside world. even doh he decided one morning to start the trip of his life.

he wakes up in the morning in his rented apartment and as he enters the kitchen sees his flat mate having a coffee with another girl that felt for his crappy bullshit. " poor her " he said it in his mind.

-well, good morning you two! its a beautiful day today isnt it?

they just smiled to him in an affirmative way and continued their discussion like he was not there. "this totally sux" again his mind was talking with in his head.

-i got to do something about this shit!
the attention of that two went straight to him. "a aooo,did i just said that with loud voice?"

-what? why you birds are looking at me like this?
his friend, sorry ... his flat mate said in a totally uncool way that yeah maybe he should do something about this shit.
-well maybe i will, he replied in defense leaving the kitchen.
goes in the toilet room and washes his face. looks in the mirror and blinks couple of time. his mind was talking again saying to his that this is not who he wanted to be, this is not the person his heart is telling him two be. but this is definitely that person that its gonna start searching for his true character.

He puts some pants on, and a white tshirt, unplugs his player and grabs the headphones and the keys from the messy table in front of the couch. Closed the door and run down the stairs. The weather outside was beautiful, the sky was a perfect blue and the air was cooling. The greens of the trees were more alive like the others days, and people strangely seems more happy than usually.
Puts his headphones on his eyers and starts walking to a nice place near the telephone company that he used to call it "the island". it was a special place where you could here the signal transmission and where in the night time the fished was jumping and created this mystical atmosphere.
It was kinda a park, you had some nice alee and couple of benches were you could admire a nice landscape over the lake. Normally not many people were siting there, and always the place was empty and he could had it just for himself. This time on one of the benches a girl was siting down.
he gets closer to her and asks :

-excuse me? but what are u doing here?
after she gives him an " excuse me sir" look
-as u can see im enjoying the landscape.
-but this is my place, no one its here ever. i always come here because i need this place, it makes me feel better.
-well seems like you have to share it today, someone else has to feel better as well.

and she turns her face in the other direction.

-nonono, you see you dont get it! i cant feel better knowing that you are around.
-oh really, then you just have to feel sorry for you then, because i aint going anywhere.

He goes quiet for a bit thinking in his head what should he do.

-I will sit down here, and im gonna wait till you.re done and then im gonna have my moment. i did came here to make a big decision and its the only place i can take it!
-You are going to wait for some while because i have no place to live right now, i had this fight with my parents and i will not go back to that shit.

Wait the minute, so u have no place to sleep for tonight? he asked her in a way to concerned, but maybe it was just because she was a girl and his truly character was one of sympathy.
Thats right, she reply with half of voice.
For couples of moments you could have hear just the breeze blowing true the trees and some birds singing.they look at each other for couples of moments and then you could see now a smile was starting to grow on they mouths.

-How about i buy u launch? i bet you need something to eat as well.
-what happen with "im gonna wait till you live and take my big decision" ??
-Hei! im not gonna ask u twice !
-Ok, lets go!

As they walk together they started to talk about all kinda stupid thoughts about life, about their dreams, about love, about fun. Basically the conversation was going very positive constructive. They had launch in a nice place somewhere in the center and after that walked around the city talking more about them selfs.
The time had passed and it was almost evening.

-hei i got this idea, come! and he grabs her hand and runs downs the stairs in the metro. Jumps in, and goes out at the train station.
-what are u going? she asked him worried.
-dont worry, im not gonna run with you! im gonna show u something amazing

And they started to walk down the line. after a curve there was the most amazing landscape she ever saw. you could have seen the city and now the city was wearing a red-orange light that made her feel like a movie.

-so? what you think? isnt it the most beautiful place in the city? after the island :) thats my favorite. and this one its like this just 10 to 15 min a day, i never saw it in the morning at the sunrise but maybe i will one day.

She didnt had to answer nothing, it was more rhetorical anyway. They were staring over the city for couples of minutes without saying a world. She went more close to him and give him a kiss on the chick.

-wow, what was that for?
-just a thank you kiss.
-thank you for what?
-for making me better ...

"hmmm... shes right , i do feel better now, and she.s kinda cute as well .. "

to be continued

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