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the story of a guy. ep 4

she came inside and went straight into the kitchen

-my flat mate is in the other room with this girl ...
-a new one?
-yes, ofcourse.

she looked a little bit worried so he asked

-its all good? u look a little bit on your thoughts ...
-didnt had such a good day.
-well, to be honest i just smoked a split :) with them and im kinda stoned, i bet theres still some left overs to make a new one, we can have a relaxed night.
-mmm, you know what , thats not such a bad idea, its been a while since ive last smoke.
-oh... so everyone smokes this ... interesting ... mmmm

they walked into the living room and they were one on top of the other. when the room mate saw her, she whispered to the new girl to shut up about what was going to happen.

-wow , should we just go to our room, she asked smiling .
-you two can join us, the new girl replied laughing ...

she look to him and smiled and then said that they should have another joint and then will see what happens next. they rolled another and started to talk about some memories that involved other sessions of smoking or different drugs that they used in the past.
the new girl was getting more horny and the flat mate was teasing her with touches and kisses. not long she grab his hand and took him in his room.

-the girl was kinda fun, i wonder what would had happen if i was not coming...
-probably i was watching them kiss all night and end up in my room reading some things for my classes tomorrow.... o fuck, totally forgot i need to write this thing for my class tomorrow...
-well its kinda late, and look at you , you.re completely stoned .. maybe we should go and sleep and wake up in the morning and to something about it cuz now i dont think its such a good idea, she said touching his face with a tender move.
-you are right, and give her a kiss

from that kiss they stand up and moved in the bedroom where they jumped in the bed. they were siting there hugging each other and then he asked her

-so what happen with you today, i kinda missed you, and i hate not knowing whats going on, you are alway so mysterious with me about your life
-well i wanted to tell you tonight but now we are stoned so i think i should wait till next day because i dont want you to get paranoid and understand a little bit something else then it is
-you can tell me now, i kinda get awake anyway
-no really, just hold me and lets fall asleep and we talk in the morning about everything.

she turned with the face at him and kissed him on the eye, after she kissed him on his lips and went down to his neck. her hand was touching his leg and slowly she put his underwear down. she pushed his t shirt up and kissed his chest... she went down and give him a nice blow job.
he came into her mouth and during her "visit" to toilet he fall asleep.
when she came back she smiled to see him sleeping and join him in the bed hugging him and fall asleep as well.
the next morning all four of them were kinda silent at the morning coffee and the new girl just left soon after this.

-i have to run now, i need to be in a place soon, was nice t meet u guys maybe we can do this another time
-dont u want to have a breakfast with us?
-i really need to run.

took her shoes on and slang the door after her.

-well , that was a awesome night for me, the flat mate smiled proud about
-i bet you did, he said, looking at him in a bro to bro way
-dont forget about ur paper work, you were mentioned it last night, she said
-yes, u.re right !

he took his phone and called a class mate . talked for 2 min with him and came back in the kitchen.

-all good ! im gonna go now as well. am i gonna see you here when i come back? im not gonna stay long.
-im not sure, find me on my phone?
-you better answer, we need to finish a talk .
-yes , i promise.
-now come and give me a kiss.

they kissed and he went out the door in a rush..

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