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the story of a guy. ep 5

on his way to school he was thinking about the her all the time. he liked her a lot, but still wasnt sure about some things, her way was to mysterious for him and in the last time he felt really insecure about all this story.

he tried to talk about her with a friend from school in one of his boring classes and that didnt help him much. after the classes were finished he decided to go on his island and think about want he wants.

on the way he sited in the metro and as always he liked to watch people and figure it out their problems. across of his sit was a old man with white hair and bear. his eyes were not only old but sad as well. there was something about this man that made him give him a lot of attention.

the hands of the old man was keeping a book. and he tried to see what kind of book it was. the old man noticed his attention and put the book under his old brown cough.

-what are you reading there old man? he asked very intrigued
-why do you want to know young man?
-its my curiosity i think, is not every day when you see and old man holding a book like that in the metro, plus it look like book is more old then you.
-then i think you should go back to your contemporary things. the old man said it with an upset voice.
-i apologize, i never meant to offended you. my parents teach me to respect the old, and i think my words were misunderstood.
-in this case i can tell you that this book its not a book that you can find in the bookshop. it belonged to my wife, she wrote every page with her hand.
-is she still alive?
-no... she died couple of years ago. she died waiting for me to come back and when she saw that i am not, she wanted me to know her thoughts about her love to me.
-i guess its a very sentimental story inside. why cant i see a bit?
-because its personal. and you are a stranger.
-i might be a stranger old man, but i have a good heart.

the old man turned his head and never said a world again. at the next station he left, leaving the book for him. he noticed right away after the doors were closing and took it right away. he hesitate to open it and now it was time to get out as well because he was arriving to the his terminal.
he went out and start walking with the book in his hand. he end up on the island where everything was like he used to know. a beautiful landscape, a strange sound, a beautiful park with some benches and no one around.
he sat down on his usual bench and opened the book.

on the first page was written " this are my last minutes in life, i can feel it. i always wanted to story you the love that i carry in my heart for you ... "
the next pages were empty, he looked disparate to each page in search for another thing but that was the only thing that was written. suddenly he started to think about her again. about all her mysteries feelings of not understanding that she was giving to him. he considered that is it not fair. and the page that he just wrote made him understand that in life you shouldn't let things unsaid because there can be always a last minute and no way to turn back the time to correct your things. the last part he understood it from the old man who still kept this one sentience to his heart and then pass it forward to a stranger in a metro.
the next thing in his mind was to try find the old man, and return his book, as well to apologize. this thing never happened even if he always walks the metro train up and down on his way to university and back. he understood that love cant be hided, and if it is then is all a mistake and this is how he understood his next step in his relationship whit her.
the sun was already setting down, and the noise of the cars from the background started to fade slowly. he stood up and walked his way out from the island. as he arrived on his street he stopped at the boutique in the corner for drinking a beer and watch more stranger from the bar.

he went home and realize that he had never called the girl but as well hoped that she was still there. as he enter into the apartment he realized that no one was home. not her. not his mate. he went in the kitchen and took another beer and stood on the balcony thinking about his life. he always wanted to see more then a city. more then a country. more then one culture. more then one society.
he heard a sound from the door and went inside the living and noticed that his flat mate was home.

-evening my friend.
-how's life treating you today?
-well, i kinda meet this strange old man in the metro today that made me realize ...

he storied to his mate all the day, about the old man, about his thoughts, about what he realized , and about what he was going to do about this new girl. his mate couldn't agree more, he always was supporting his ideas and encourage him to act in what his heart was telling him to do.

the ring bell sounds again, and at the door was her...

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