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the story of a guy. ep 6

the door ringed.. on the other side she was there. he opens the door and she was standing there cryig. he didnt know what he want to do but he huged her.

-what happen??

she couldnt say nothing because of her tears. she was crying like a man hurt from love. her tears were like a autumn rain.

-come inside please! and took her into the flat.

they went to his room, and sat in their arm for long time till she felt asleep.

the next morning he got up much earlier and made breakfast. the coffee smell wake her up. She went to wash her face and then join him on the balcony. he was sitting on the chair with the legs up at his chest. he was smoking a cigarette and watch the people passing on the street.

-good morning! she said with a quiet voice.

he turned his head and watch her, smile a little, and then turn his head.

-so what happened? why i saw you like that last night?

-i didnt been completly honest with you! i have some things to tell you

she started to tell him about another guy that she dated before him and all this wierd situation that she end up being agressed by him when she said that she fall inlove with him. they said that love lifts you up. but love can turn into a tornado and turn you life up side down leaving you in a cloud of confussion.
he started not to listen to her anymore and just went deep into his toughts.

-i think this should be over betwen us. i thought about it yesterday and the day before. i realize that i can be safe with you and to worry about another person its the last thing that i want in my life now. i have my own questions now and i have decided to search an aswer to them first and then to try to find a girl that i can love.
-i am so sorry, please dont leave me now, i need you , and i felt inlove with you and i promise to not hide you again anything. you are what i want and this is what i realize... she was saying betwen tears.
-i took a decision already, and im sorry that you have to find out about it exactly now in this bad moment that you end up in, but this is not my fault, i was honest with you and i plan to stay honest. i hope you understand.

she left that morning with different tears in her eyes. he felt bad but it was the right decision that he had to take. the rest of the day he spend it walking around the city and observing people. he realized that that is not the city he want to stay and that he need a change in his life. he came home and his flat mate was there.

-dude, what happen? she pass couple of minutes ago searching for you and she told me that u just broke up your relationship.
-can i not talk about it? i really dont want to at this point. i have other thing on my mind now.
-whats going on mate? talk with me
-i think im gonna go from here man. is time to search something that i havent tried before. i want to start going around and found out more about this world.
-but man, your family, your friends, your job, your life??
-i bet the things will run without me around as well like they do now.
-you know im always supporting you in your decision. if this is what you feel, go for it. but im gonna miss you a lot!

after this discussion they decided to go out for a drink and end up in a pub in the student area where they had a beer pong game and then end up talking with this two students girl that their were kinda new in town and decided to show them a underground club that runs in a wendsday evening. they took the bus and end up near the club. they enter there and order a beer and meet some other friend of them that they where ready to go out for a joint and ivited them as well. you just dont say no to a joint and they went outside. the girls stayed inside waiting and at the time they came back they had already couple of shots and they got a little bit nasty.

-dude, look at them, they got really horney. we should deff get a foresome tonight!
-man i really wanna be your wing man but im not in the mood tonight;
-hei, just look at them!

moment in which the girls started to kiss eachother and tease the guys around them that gather around them like some kids around a incecream truck.

the boys went to "save" them from that

-excuse me boys but the girls are with us ! arent you girls?
-yes we are ! they said gigleling
-i think we should have a dance, i just love this song, the flat mate suggested. and they did

after couple of songs they decided to go out and chill with a cigarette. they were standing in pairs outside on the side of the road when from across the street a guy with a girl was getting closer. it was her with another guy keeping hands.

-no way, dude! is that her??? he asked his flat mate.
-yeah, i guess is she.
-wow, i cant believe it, she.s a fuckin cunt.
-i cant eather she just been searching for you to get forgiveness and shes already out with another dude.
-fuck it, i made the right choise. im not gonna pay attention.

the girls there felt a little bit left over this conversation and after they wisper something in the ear they took the guys inside and start a show on the ring floor with them teasing and kissing eachother. after another couple of songs and a good time being in the center of the attention the girls said that they should come with them at their place.

-why dont we go to our place? the flat mate asked, we live kinda close from here.
-that will work as well, one of them said.

they walked home and had some fun on the way. after they stayed in the living playing some music and get more cosy with eachother. the flat mate took his girl to his room.

-we should get to sleep as well, he said to the other one
-i dont feel like sleeping but we can go and have some fun in your room. i can dance for you , maybe like this you forget a bit about that girl that broke ur little heart.

he couldnt say not to a blond hot girl with green eyes. they went in the room and she pushed him on the bed. she turn a little bit the music down and let only a small light on. she started to strip for him and dance till he got hard. she jump on him and kissed him. took his tshirt off and kissed his chest and went down opening his pants, grabing his dick and start hand job him a little.

he took her hand and turn her on her back , went up on her and kisses her round tits ...
they had a good sex together and felt asleep afterword in their arms. the next morning all of them complain about headaweks. after a coffee and a cigarette his girl went and wispered at his ear to have a shower together. and they did. he bang her again in the shower and after the girls left they started to story about how crazy and nasty the girls were.

-fuck i didnt get a contact from her! he said
-dont worrie i took care about this, i have the facebook of the other. she was amazing so i want that again
-yeah! so u still thinking to go from here? this city its amazing man, only cool things happen, enspecialy when we are together and party.
he smiled and never answer this.
-i need to go to work now. i will see you tonight, his flat mate said with panic in his voice after he saw that probably he will be late, again.

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