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the story of a guy. ep 7

after his flat mate smashed the door and went in a rush down the stairs he went on the balcony to watch the city again. the weather was beautiful, the sky was blue and had couple of fluffy little clouds here and there. the street was busy already and the cars were passing in speed. the sound of the agglomeration made him go inside. he clean up the mess from the living and went to the shop to take some things that were missing from the fridge.
after he picks up the things he goes at the cash register point.

-hei, how are u? the seller asked him
-im good that you, got some thoughts on my mind but all good. how about u?
-well, another working day for me. going tonight at this party with my wife but to be honest i would more prefer to have a beer with my friends.
-well, a man has to do what a man got to do :)

they smile to each other and said good bye.

he went up in the flat and watch some tv. the program sucked. he took his phone and ringed some friend to hang out but all of them were stuck with their girlfriends. in the end he decided to go and do some gym so he packs his things and went to build some mussels. during his practice she wrote him a msg that she will wait for him at the island, she needed to talk with him.
he ignored the msg at first and went down to the mall to spend some time in the shops. there he met one of his mates and went together to the snooker place to play some pool and have a beer.

as they arrive they take a table :

-hi, can we have the table number 7 please.
-sure u do my friend. here we go.
-thank you.
-have a good game.

after couple of games they stoped and sit down to drink in peace a beer and talk about school. they had just couple of weeks ahead till graduation.

-so what are u planning to do after we graduate? he ask his coleg
-to be honest i have no idea. probably will go back home and chill for a bit and then will make a decision. i need to talk with my girlfriend as well even im pretty sure that our road together will end up once with the school. i dont dream to stay in this big city, i like small places, quiet ones and she.s more type the city girl. i ve enjoy my 4 years here, but i know for sure its not the place i wanna end up. have u any ideas whats gonna happen next for you??
-im kinda passing a strange period. i dont know nothing. i dont know what i want after we finish. i dont know where i wanna be. i dont know if i wanna end up in a office already, in the end we are just young. there has to be something more from all this life. imagine till now we went 15 years in school spending more then three parts of each year studying and dedicating out time for our education. and what s next?
-well ... his friend said without having an answer
-i tell you whats next, we will take a job, work our asses from nine till five each day , getting the fuckin stressed out. ending up giving up our passions and get a girl. marry her and get kids. and then we need to dedicate again all our time to them, to make them a life and give them and education. and then we get old. and no one will give a shit anymore.
-that.s how life works i guess ...

he looked at him with a angry face.

-no way this is not me, this is not what my life will be. i will graduate and then im gonna take my things and a one way ticket to a random place and im gonna experience life like i've never think it can be.

he stoped at a moment because he know that his friend was not the person to talk about all this things.

-but fuck it, im sorry i just dont know whats going on in my mind lately. maybe its just that i dont want to start to get the life more seriously. let.s play a game again.

they started to play another game and talk more about life. at the table six two nice girls were starting to a game. one of them was wearing a yellow shirt with a small black logo on her back and blue tite jeans one her beautiful legs. the other one was dressed more classic, with a white shirt and gray suit cough and black pants with high heels. as they started to play they watched them and made some signs when there was funny shots.
one of them noticed their attention and hides laughs

-maybe you guys want to give us some lessons, it would be more nice then laughing about. this is just our third time.

the guys looked at each other and said

-why dont u girl joins our table, its lucky number 7.

the girls finished their game and joined at the boys table. they had couple of games together and they god to know each other a little bit. apparently the girls were more into a trip in the city and they were searching for something fun for tonight. the guys went to the bar to get another beer and there :

-dude, u need to wing me tonight, i really wanna score with the yellow shirt tonight, have u watched her ass???
-i have a dinner with my girlfriend and as much as i would bang the other one , cant do it. but how about ur flat mate, i bet he will never say no a chick .
-you know what, that's brilliant. how could i not think about him. wait a sec.

he took his phone and dial his flat mate:

-dude, i got two hot chicks. not from town but looking for some fun tonight.
-sounds awesome. whats the plan??
-there.s no plan. find out something cool, not trashy, maybe a bit fancy. maybe the frame if they have open tonight, that could work good, or the room, that could be more perfect.
-well, i will figure out a place but before i think we should invite them to a glass of wine and a joint at home, i just got this nice buds from a friend straight from Amsterdammmmmmmmmmmmm.
-i will see what i can do , i dont want to make them a bad impression. i will work it out and come back to you. you should find that place and lets roll again tonight.

the boys returned and set down with the girls and talked a bit about where's cool to be in the city and other crazy nightlife stories.

-by the way, i was just talking with my flat mate, seems like we have a little preparty tonight at our place, maybe you girls want to join us for a drink and let us show you some awesome places to dance and have a good evening?
-if your flat mate is cute like you , sure we will.

he smiled and didnt said much, he acted shy a bit.and after couple of seconds he replied

-i wouldnt say its more cute then me, but he definitely its a awesome guy. and he knows how to party as well. you.ll see.
-then we will give it a try.

after more talks they said goodbye and settle a date for tonight. they changed number just in case and went on they own way. he went home and started to clean around his room as well, changed the shits from last night and got some new candles prepared. went and bought some sweet wine and some snacks to go with it. he.s mate came home and went into the shower minutes after. he did the same thing after and dress up for the evening. they had dinner together and talked about the girls. the phone ringed and the girls asked if they can pass earlier because they are bored.

-hei, seems like they are here half hours earlier.
-good job u did, i cant wait to meet them.
-the one with green eyes is mine, i told u i already had a connexion with her.
-dont worrie, even if im not into it i ll be ur best wingman tonight. lets roll a split and wait them in a nice mood ;)

they've rolled a joint and went on the balcony and smoked. he didnt want to get to high and had only some puffs to get him a bit of high mood. the time was there and the girl were ringing at the door...

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